Standard Business Procedure



  2. Clients must request for quotation online. No issuing of quotation by phone

    The website [REQUEST QUOTE PAGE] must be accessed

  3. Nature of goods and/ or number of passengers must be declared

  4. Director of Charter Services shall acknowledge the reciept of the request and prepare an estimate ; Sign and send the same to the client

  5. Once the client confirms the estimate is clear, official Pro-Forma Invoice and terms of the agreement shall be sent to the client

    The client must seek legal advise from a lawyer of his/her choice to go through all sections of charter contract before appending his / her signature.


  6. Client shall wire the agreed funds to the account. NO CASH PAYMENT allowed due to strict adherence to PROCEEDS OF CRIME AND ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING (AMENDMENT) ACT 2017, Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) and Central Bank of Kenya Act/Rules and Regulations

    Once the bank confirms funds in the account, the jet shall immediately be booked/reserved.

    Additionally, International Charter Partners shall be consulted to agree on when to get the landing permits to pick the goods and/ or passengers.

  7. Export documents to be submitted to Risk and Compliance Department at Glo-JET

    NOTE: It is responsibility of the client to get Glo-JET all the documents namely :
    (I) Customs Declaration Certificate.
    (II) Certificate of Insurance.
    (III) Packing List.
    All the documents must be submitted by Glo-JET’s Director of Risk and Compliance to the relevant Government Authorities including Kenya Revenue Authority/Customs and Insurance Regulatory Authority for verification, scrutiny and authentication

    If pick-up is from a different jurisdiction other than Kenya, the same process shall apply in those countries.

  8. Upon receipt of approved verification report from respective Government Agencies, the Jet shall be landed on the tarmac (at the Authorized Parking Bay) loading to be done and take-off effected as per directive of the client.

    If the verification report reveals the documents presented have not met the threshold set by the Government Agencies, the Director of Legal Affairs/ Company Secretary shall with immediate effect invoke Article 12 (Cancellation clause). The client shall be informed forthwith of the decision made by the Board of Management of the Company.

    1. step 1 :

      Clearance of goods shipped at the port of arrival shall be done by the clearing and forwarding company of the client’s choice. (Incase of cargo jet hire) It is not Glo-JET job to clear client’s goods at both port of departure and port of arrival. In case of passenger jet hire, the normal internationally approved immigration procedures shall apply.

    2. step 2 :

      Cleaning of the aircraft and take-off from the port of destination

    3. step 3 :

      Landing back to the location directed by the Group Chief Pilot/ Director of Flight Operations. Glo-JET International Partners must be updated at all times.

    4. step 4 :

      Issuance of a Certificate of Completion of Charter Service to the client. Contract Number must be quoted with clear visible dates.