Regional Liason Officers


Richard has soared through the ranks to head up the company’s operations in the Americas. The company has nearly tripled in size within the region since he became Group Regional Director in 2014 and, under his leadership, is well-positioned to continue to grow in one of the world’s most mature charter markets. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Management from London School of Economics and Bachelors Degree in Economics from Leeds University. Richard enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three children.

Zulfaqar joined Glo-JET International LLC as the Group Regional Director for Middle East and India on 1st October 2019. He took over from Mr. Mansour who has been moved to Australia to head the Training Portfolio. He has been in the Aviation Industry for a period of 6 years having worked with a Dubai-based Airline as an Aeronautical Engineer.

He holds Masters of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from EMIRATES AVIATION UNIVERSITY. Zulfaqar is a skilled personnel who Glo-JET International LLC shall rely on and more-so in the Middle East – which is a great massive business HUB and gateway to Europe, and the rest of the world. Dubai is a significant strategic route that requires a great team to propel Glo-JET’s business growth to a totally different level.

Mr. Sayyid is married with 5 amazing children.

Tracy joined Glo-JET International in 2007 as the Dubai office manager, developed a passion for aviation and transferred to the Private Charter team. In 2012 she spearheaded Glo-JET partners’ new operation in India, establishing a strong presence across the sub-continent before being promoted to head up the group’s European portfolio. She is tasked with helping to navigate an evolving geo-political landscape. Tracy holds a Bachelors Arts & Science Degree (International Relations) from New York University.

Anna joined Glo-JET International in 2018 and has steered the company’s operations impressively through tumultuous times in the CIS, increasing market share despite the region’s economic strife. Going forward she will be playing a key role in maintaining that momentum and diversifying Glo-JET’s offering across Russia and the CIS.

Derrick BAUM

Derrick is a professional in his own right and commands a lot of global respect due to his immense wealth of experience in matters aviation investments. He has been a personal friend to the Chairman for a period of 30 Years. He briefly held the docket of Glo-JET’s Operations Department, before being appointed to his current position where he oversees the international tender process for key High Net-Worth Client accounts. He made MERITON Group set foot in Australia which has enabled Glo-JET partner with quite a number of companies in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industry. He also plays a key role as part of Glo-JET’s charity committee, an initiative which he single-handedly advised Chairman to embrace. It is important to note that he has seen the company and the larger Meriton Group grow from scratch to its current asset base. Derrick is an AVID golfer just like the Chairman.

Based in the Glo-JET Centre Asia Pacific Region, Alan has over 18 years of experience in client management. Before joining the Glo-JET in 2012, Alan worked for an international Carrier in Europe as Chief Strategy Officer, and prior to that, he taught Commerce and Information Technology in an Australian university.

Alan’s role at the Glo-JET International is to develop and implement a regional strategy which sustains and advances the growth of Glo-JET’s programmes and services in identified and emerging markets. The Group Regional Director is concerned with managing and nurturing key stakeholder relations with governments, senior business leaders, associations, corporate partnerships and large entities of companies.

He is married and has two adults

Mark is an accomplished Public Relations Expert having Graduated from Leeds University. He supports, oversees and coordinates regional aviation activities including liaising with clients Chartering JETS to the UK. He joined Glo-JET International in 2016 as a Senior Relationship Manager – (High-Net-Worth CLIENTS) based in the United Kingdom. In 2018, he was promoted to the Group Regional Director position due to his high problem-solving skills.

Among the roles he is expected to adhere to are:

  1. Making decisions and recommendations that are recognized as authoritative.
  2. Initiating and maintaining contact with senior-level management within the company and is skilled in dispute resolution and negotiation of critical issues. At this level, Mark demonstrates understanding of project delivery requirements, creativity, foresight, working with a multi-disciplinary team to meet project goals and deliver high quality technical excellence.
  3. Demonstrating mature judgment in anticipating and solving both routine and unusual operations problems, determining operational objectives and requirements, organizing programs and projects, and developing standards and guides for diverse aviation activities.
He is Single father of a 4-Year-Old Girl – Sandra Johnson.