Executive Committee

Senior Management Team

Glo-JET International Holdings Corp, is supported by talented professional staff who are guided by the Company’s Vision and Mission detailed below:


    Our long-term goal is to be the leader in Business Aviation-Services worldwide.


    • GLO-JET considers the safety and security of our clients and employees to be our first priority in all our operations and services.
    • GLO-JET provides our clients with impeccable services and products that meet superior standards.
    • GLO-JET offers our employees an excellent working environment and reward entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding performance.
    • GLO-JET generates sustainable financial results and increasing value for our shareholders.
    • GLO-JET maintains mutually rewarding and reliable partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and authorities.
    • GLO-JET acts responsibly toward society and the environment and conduct business to the highest ethical and professional standards.
    • GLO-JET acts responsibly toward society and the environment and conduct business to the highest ethical and professional standards.


    • Trust : GLO-JET trusts each other to do the right thing for the group as a whole.
    • Honesty : We are honest to each other and we tell the truth to ourselves and others.
    • Alignment : We are one aligned team dedicated to serving our customers.
    • Transparency : We are transparent to our customers, to each other, and to GLO-JET’s International BOARD.


    As a globally recognized leader in the business aviation industry, we have been ensuring your health and safety for almost half a century. Whether you are interested in maintenance, completions and refurbishment, FBO, aircraft charter, aircraft management or staffing, rely on our award-winning aircraft support services to meet your needs – where you are or want to go.

    Detailed below are Senior Executive Board of Management personnel who run the agenda of the Corporation as the company strives to become an Apogee in the aviation sector.

Capt. Kyle Richardson., has been a personal family friend of the Group Chairman, for over Thirty (30) years. He has been working for the Meriton Corporation as the Chief PILOT for the Private JET owned by the Company until his membership to Glo-JET International Corp., Board of Directors was approved by the Founder/Chairman in the year 2013.

Capt. Richardson has been very instrumental in the setting-up of Glo-JET’s continental footprints in Twenty two (22) countries across the world. Additionally, he has been very keen on expanding the company’s outreach through a respectful working business relationship with our formidable partners in the industry.

Capt. Richardson holds an EASA ATPL as well as an FAA Commercial Pilot License with a sizeable practical flight hours. With this high level of experience, he is the consulting trainer pilot for both the MERITON Corp and Glo-JET International.

Capt. Richardson is married with two adult children.

Geoffrey is renowned in the charter industry for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things aviation. This, combined with his enthusiasm on the subject, has made him one of the most trusted and successful aircraft charter experts in Europe and Africa over the past two decades. Starting his tenure with Glo-JET in the year 2000, Birundu rose through the ranks from Commercial Director to the position of Group CEO in 2013. In his spare time he enjoys following his football team, Arsenal, and is a keen golfer. He is also in charge of the Meriton Group – the mother company that equally owns Global Jet among others.

Ms. Hellen has extensive experience in financial management of large corporations such as Meriton Group. Prior to that she worked for DGI Group as the Director of Finance for Supply Chain and Global Categories, and BBK Plc in a variety of financial roles across the organization. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ms. Hellen qualified with KPMG and was educated at Leeds University.

During his time at Glo-JET, Smith has revolutionized the company’s IT infrastructure, adapting and evolving the global network to best serve the company’s highly respected customers hence keep up with its rapid growth. As Glo-JET continues to explore and embrace new technologies, Dr. Smith will have a key role in implementing new systems and tools.

After qualifying as a solicitor, Anissa worked in a couple of multinational companies before joining Glo-JET in 2013. Since then, she’s been involved in negotiating high-value commercial contracts, commercial litigation and employment law, as well as streamlining and building upon the company’s diligent and thorough compliance procedures. She plays an important role in maintaining service quality and managing risk as Glo-JET continues to grow globally. This progress and international growth is inevitable with Anissa being at the helm of the Legal Department.

Capt. Kyöstilä joined Glo-JET in 2010 as Flight Operations Manager from his previous job in Helsinki – Finland. Since 2012, Niklas has been Glo-JET’s Accountable Manager and an Operations Officer. Prior to joining Glo-JET, from 2004 to 2010, the Captain was the Director of Flight Operations for UK based carrier. He holds an EASA, ATPL as well as an FAA Commercial Pilot License. He is also in charge of the operations at the Glo-JET International. He enjoys Sky Diving during his leisure time.

Farha is responsible for managing the Talent Strategy for Glo-JET worldwide. Before joining Glo-JET she was the director for Human Resources for an Indian based carrier since April 2007. She was responsible for combining the strategies of the people with a view to ensuring staff discipline, thus enabling the company make an impressing profit. Farha has more than 15 years of experience in HR and has lived and worked in 3 different continents. She is married with two beautiful daughters.

Having worked in both two main divisions at – the Private charter and Cargo departments – in both operations and account management, Hanka moved to the Marketing department in 2007. She was appointed Group Marketing Director in 2011 and has grown the department in both size and effect exponentially. Ms. Habeck is responsible for all marketing strategies, including the implementation of new customer technology.

Bianka joined Glo-JET as Chief Projects Officer in January 2017, with a brief to set up and organize an enterprise PMO function to maintain alignment with the company’s global strategy and drive its growth.

Before joining Glo-JET, she served as Group Chief Strategy Officer at a UK payments platform innovator and regulated payments institution, and a Partner with Thornton where she launched and developed the firm’s business advisory practice. She is a qualified professional with undergraduate and tertiary degrees in operations and business management. Bianka enjoys playing PIANO. Within the Glo-JET family, she is often referred to as “Key-Board QUEEN”.

Joan is responsible for maintaining effective customer service for all internal and external Glo-JET Company customers by utilizing excellent, in-depth knowledge of company services and programs as well as team members within the Commercial Department and Customer Service. She develops and implements policies, responsible for employees’ training and development. Additionally, she partners with the management team to align the department policies and systems with the company’s objectives.

Additional functions under her docket are that she:

  1. Oversees customer issues and ensure effective and long-term problem resolution.
  2. Develops and implements procedures pertinent to the effective and efficient operation of the Customer Service Department.
  3. Monitors programs and procedures to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.
  4. Maintains in-depth working knowledge of Glo-JET systems and processes.
  5. Sets performance standards to meet service goals of company.
  6. Coaches Customer Service Team in order to achieve high performance.
  7. Structures the training agenda for department members.
  8. Measures Customer Service Representatives’ performance and makes employment decisions.
  9. Provides feedback to the company regarding service failures or customer concerns.
  10. Provides feedback to Operations team to ensure all customers have accurate and timely information on order status and/or changes.
  11. Works continually towards self-development to stay current on customer service, sales and supervisory procedures & practices.
  12. Responds to customer inquiries and problem solving in a professional and effective fashion.
  13. Acts as a resource in resolving customer issues brought to the Department by utilizing excellent Glo-JET Company process knowledge and strong skills in negotiating business deals.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Group CEO.

Husna is an accomplished well travelled, super educated and experienced woman in the Client Management segment here at Glo-JET. Being an MBA Holder and Bachelors Degree in Strategic Management from University of South Africa (UNISA), she develops and manages customer relationships to retain existing revenue inclusive of primary contract renewal responsibility within assigned Tier 1 account base.

Among other roles are that she:
  1. Conducts periodic calls/ meetings with assigned customers to foster a strong partnership and ensure that the customer’s issues are regularly voiced and they are kept informed about ongoing improvement opportunities. Assists Operations with the management and development of customer relationships with Operations so that processes and interface arrangements are understood between the two companies.
  2. Evaluates and reports on performance against contracted clients.
  3. Manages resolution of customer-impacting billing and service related issues by facilitating right strategies to ensures they are resolved.
  4. Coordinates completion, and ensuring timely communication.
  5. Performs business reviews for assigned customers focused on revenue trends, network performance, open orders, corresponding improvement plans, billing issues, industry trends and company events.

Having worked in all the three main divisions at Glo-JET Brokerage: Namely – the Private JET HIRE, Helicopter HIRE and Cargo departments – in both operations and account management, Georgina moved to the Department of Charter Services in 2016. She was appointed Group Director for Charter Services in 2018 and has grown the department in both size and effect exponentially. Georgina is responsible for all international charter strategies, including the implementation of new customer technology.

She is married with a son – Mathew Steel.