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The only City in the Sun. The city is surprisingly beautiful with flowering trees and the perfect climate: 80s and 90s, sunny, low humidity — almost every day. It is palpably multicultural place, [show_more more=”more” less=”less”] encapsulating what is happening in Africa better than any other city on the continent. No matter what season you visit, Nairobi allows you to sample the best of Africa.[/show_more]


The Haven of Peace in Arabic, has one of the best deep natural harbors in the world. All cultures at one time or another passed through Dar es Salaam. It is necessary to visit Dar es Salaam to understand the secret of letting different cultures live together in absolute harmony. A city tour of Dar es Salaam will take you to the National Museum, Nyerere Cultural Centre, the Village Museum, Mwenge Wood Carvings Market, and the Magogoni Fish Market, among other interesting spots.


Surrounded by nature and fueled by creative energy, Kampala is a city where being bored is never an option. Find all Kampala has to offer; amazing attractions, coolest hang out spots, superb culture/nightlife, events, restaurants, hotels and more.


Kigali sprawls across numerous hills, ridges, valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and a night life scene. Chimpanzee tracking is very magical and exciting! It is a very exceptional experience seeing Chimps feed, care for their little one, climb trees and respond to presence of a human.


It is one of Africa’s more tranquil capital cities. The city is largely a modern creation, with little sense of history to provide interest. Indeed, ask Batswana who were born and raised in Gaborone where they’re from, and they may well tell you the name of a family village or cattle post they’ve never seen. So while the local Batswana may not see Gaborone as a traditional family ‘home’, they do see it as the place where their future, and that of their nation, is forged.


Ghana is a friendly, welcoming country and a top West African tourist destination. Everything you will see in Ghana is authentic to the Ghanaian way of life, and Accra is loaded with things to see and do. Accra centers on sites and attractions that highlight: History/Heritage; Culture; Politics; Business; Education; Cuisine; and Leisure.

South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, let alone Africa, having already won a number of prestigious international travel awards. It’s where most people in South Africa wish they lived. It possesses all of the amenities and sophistication of urban area, yet the pace is decidedly relaxed, with the city being nestled between the ocean and the mountains, creating an ideal mix of work and play. A short drive away and you can find yourself in one of the hundreds of vineyards that produce some of the world’s top wines. While summers (October–April) are lovely, winters can be dreary with much fog, rain, and wind.


Cairo is one of the world’s great megacities. As beautiful as it is crazy, and as rich in historic finery as it is half dilapidated, Cairo tends to be a city that travelers love and hate in equal measures. Its sheer noise, pollution, and confounding traffic are an assault on your senses, but look beyond the modern hubbub, and you’ll find a history that spans centuries. Full of vigor, Cairo is where you really get a feel for Egyptian street life.


Unarguably the most economically active and socially diverse state in Nigeria, Lagos state is strategically positioned as the major convergence points for all other parts of the country and also the main entry point to the rest of the world. This has lead to the creation of a variety of destinations and spots meant for leisure, relaxation, exploration or just sheer amusement.


Rabat is home to the country’s most important museum, the Royal Palace, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, as well as several historical attractions. Situated right on the Atlantic Ocean, with the Bou Regreg River running to the west separating it from its sister-city of Salé, Rabat is a pretty place. And for many tourists, a visit to Rabat can be a pleasant surprise and a welcome break from the hustle of other Moroccan cities. History-lovers this is the to be anytime!


Sydney, spectacularly draped around its glorious harbour and beaches, has a visual wow factor like few other cities. Scratch the surface and it only gets better. From splendid Sydney Harbour, idyllic beaches and great national parks, to the marvellous creativity of the Sydney Opera House, dazzling entertainment and fascinating heritage, visit Sydney and discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Rabat is home to the country’s most important museum, the Royal Palace, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, as well as several historical attractions. Situated right on the Atlantic Ocean, with the Bou Regreg River running to the west separating it from its sister-city of Salé, Rabat is a pretty place. And for many tourists, a visit to Rabat can be a pleasant surprise and a welcome break from the hustle of other Moroccan cities. History-lovers this is the to be anytime!


It is a lovely city which preserve most of Arabic tradition in its old buildings but also new as it is not possible to build over 8 floors, so no skyscrapers, not western downtown, just genuine Oman architecture. From the sultan Qaboos gran mosque to the Muttrah souk passing thought the opera and the beautiful Qurum beach, Muscat offers a big variety of style and things to do.


It is the richest country on Earth. When you travel to Doha, you will be amazed by the unforced fusion of modernity and traditionalism. On the one hand you will find skyrocketing buildings housing the most modern offices, and on the other you will see Burkha-clad women on the streets. This aspect of Doha travel has fascinated many a tourist.


The city of Riyadh is both a modern metropolis and a historical and cultural treasure. Its characteristics are diverse, that range from the shimmering golden sand dunes, to modern shopping malls, distinctive heritage and cultural sites to urban construction panaches. Such diversity makes Riyadh city the core of life and vitality in the Kingdom.


Abu Dhabi is a well-ordered, industrious city with a pretty waterside location. First inhabited by the nomadic Bani Yas tribe in 1760, the settlement remained a small fishing village until oil was discovered. The revenues transformed Abu Dhabi into the modern city of today – a spectacular skyline rising up from the desert… and the fantastic convergence of diverse international cultures.


This is the home of luxurious lifestyle, trendy fashion, and lively nightlife. Dubai is also the business hub of the Middle East. Attracting lakhs of tourist every year, it has been catching a lot of attention due to recent innovative large construction projects and sports events. Glo-Jet airlines visit Dubai a minimum of six times in a week.


The hub of many great civilizations with a history dating back to the Stone Age, Ankara and its landmarks are still of great importance in the present day. Famous for its great museums, parks, honey, Kalecik Karasi grapes and many other cultural and historical assets Ankara welcomes visitors any time of the year.


Beijing, China’s capital city, is a vibrant mix of history and modernity. Having served as the capital of the country for more than 800 years, it is home to some of the finest remnants of China’s imperial past. Beijing is brightened by its glorious past, but is by no means stuck in the past. Behind its rich and complex historical tapestries, everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety. From the commanding austerity of the Forbidden City to the hectic bar street at Sanlitun, Beijing is overflowing with a unique charm, beckoning visitors from around the world to lose themselves in the furious pace.


Central is Hong Kong’s capital centre, with top shopping malls, high-end hotels, and expensive luxury brand stores. There is also the world’s largest Apple flagship store and the famous Lan Kwai Fong, a place with tasteful bars and restaurants.Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay are paradises for tourists, with dozens of department stores and a dazzling array of delicious foods.


Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. The city’s history can be appreciated in districts such as Asakusa and in many excellent museums, historic temples and gardens.


There is so much beauty in London that will make you want to extend your visit longer than you initially intended. London is the capital city of England. It’s one of the most sought after destinations for tourists and travellers all over the world. All throughout London, every street and every lane is constructed thoughtfully to reflect on its years of tradition. There are so many lavish places of interests for people of all ages to visit in London.


It doesn’t get more city-ish than New York City. Everything about it offers a unique sort of beauty, from the energetic pace to the intermingling of the centuries-old and modern-day architecture, the many bridges and waterfront views of the Manhatten skyline, and so much more. A packed agenda of food, entertainment, sports and arts is your introduction to the best of New York.