Cargo Jets

Glo-Jet International Cargo Jets

Glo-JET’s comprehensive worldwide network spans Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Asia, United States, and China. As the first and only operator to abolish positioning fees around the globe, Glo-JET and its partners are seamlessly connecting the globe with the MOST safest cargo jets.

Boeing 747 – Cargo Jet

With the ability to take payloads exceeding 100 tonnes and a flight range of around 13hours, the B747 is ideal for the long-haul transport of large amounts of cargo with variants. Featuring both side and nose loading doors this aircraft is also extremely adaptable. Glo-Jet International has 10 Boeing 747

Boeing 787 – Cargo Jet

The ultimate big size cargo jet can access more far destinations in its class. With a cabin cross-section nearly the same as a large cabin long-range aircraft, it is one of the most spacious cargoes in its category. Glo-JET international has 10 Boeing 787.

Glo-JET specializes in shipment – brokerage of private cargo charters of up-to a maximum of 100 Tons. Our size, global infrastructure and experience in cargo chartering is what sets us apart from many of our competitors. We offer a full range of cargo aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages, to large freighters for outsize cargo. We also offer an onboard courier service for our clients.

For purposes of special cargo shipment which shall be loaded in the JET after logistical clearance done by your logistics company of CHOICE, we wish to clarify that GLO-JET SHALL NOT be part and parcel of CUSTOMS CLEARANCE team at the country of departure and destination. Special arrangements can, however, be made based on a written request from the client to Glo-JET team. Upon review, the Director of Charter Services shall subsequently write a letter of acceptance; subject to respective in-country custom laws.

We are purely both a charter and cargo brokerage institution and as such, not accredited to facilitate your cargo clearance at the CUSTOMS. Accordingly, we shall ONLY REQUIRE three documents from you or your logistics company:

  • » A Packing List to enable us in-turn prepare cargo manifest thus facilitate the loading of the shipment in the JET.
  • » CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE. We can’t load your cargo in the JET without this crucial document.

We (together with our International partners) shall not accept the departure from international airports without the requisite documentation as per our policy charter, Rule (II), (IV), and (IX). As mentioned, a duly filled manifest for Passengers/Cargo MUST be prepared as per the laid down Laws of the country from where we are departing.

For quotation to various destination, please send an enquiry to Our team shall get back to you within 24 Hours.

Once payment has been made, the plane must leave within 2 days of receipt of the agreed flight date (which the client must put in writing). Failure to honor the date, shall lead to immediate cancellation and thus no refund to the charterer. At Glo-JET we are very strict on time as that affects other respective tariff schedules.

  • » Non-stop fuel burning costs (Depending on the destination)
  • » Pilot’s fees (diplomatic)
  • » Destination authorization landing fees
  • » Airspace tariff utilization fees
  • » Parking fees etc.

Reaction Time: Available 24/7, our award-winning cargo team operates in a global network of offices around the world. We can quickly find the closest aircraft and could have your delivery in the air within an hour of confirmation.

Experience: Arranging over 15,000 contracts annually, over the past 15 years we’ve earned a worldwide reputation for providing urgent ‘go now’ cargo charters to a range of industry clients.

Flight representation: One of our charter experts will assist you on the ground to ensure all aspects of your cargo charter run smoothly.

Cost efficiency: Our buying power and reputation allow us to source the best cargo charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost-effective solution.